01 October 2009

I certainly never thought I'd have to deal with this. I'm not a night owl! I'm a morning person--the kind who enjoys bounding outa bed and charging forward into the new day, ready to take on whatever comes. But DEPRESSION--nope, I never saw that coming. And with it, loss of sleep. This is not helpful for one whose immune system has the nerve to be suppressed. No sleep, bugs / bacteria on sightseeing tours, and overwhelming feelings of lack / worthlessness (world-wise, not Christ-like wise) really do a number on one! ... I finished perusing my niece's blog wherein a couple of comments made were dead-on: She pondered, "when are we going to feel safe enough to peel back our layers and admit we need help?" Scary thing, allowing one's self to be vulnerable. She also commented how interesting it is to see that, while most things change over time, some things remain. With regard to her latter comment, I recently read (courtesy The FlyLady's book, Reducing your Body Clutter) The FLY Lady likened people who choose to do nothing and remain glued to the past are no better than Perfectionists (also a sin) because they selfishly think / act in the vein that, "if I can't be as good as or better than X was, I'm not going to do it (now)." - Well, by not acknowledging events / feelings, learning to understand and letting them go, we automatically ADD personal body and home clutter.

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